Musgo Real "Classic Scent" Shaving Cream Review

In the traditional wet shaving world there is a lot of discussion around stylish Italian, luxurious British, and artisan American grooming products. Japanese-made shaving gear usually follows closely behind, especially in the hardware discussion. However, there are some neglected products from a particular geographic area which, I think, deserve a seat at that table. I’m talking about The Iberian Peninsula, specifically Spain and Portugal.

The Gentleman Floris "No. 89" Review

There are few brands with as much history as Floris. Founded in 1730 in London by Spanish immigrants, this iconic British perfumer was supplying Londoners half a century before the United States even existed. When you look at Floris, few fragrances carry as much significance as their flagship male fragrance, “No. 89”.

The Sudsy Soapery “Citrus & Bay” Shaving Soap Review

At this point in the year, it seems like summer is winding down. Back to school commercials are running, baseball players are tearfully retiring, and Brett Favre is jokingly (maybe?) offering his services as quarterback. In truth, we are actually only about half way through the warm weather. I typically use bay rums in the summer, so I figured this was a perfect time to review the Sudsy Soapery “Citrus & Bay” shaving soap