Product Review: Ogallala Bay Rum, Sage and Cedar Aftershave

I am sorry for the gap since my last post.  Things have been crazy around here, and I just could not even get to a computer.  I hope to get back on track with my new schedule of content next week.  For this week I will be working on a product review or two and some ideas for relaxing over the weekend with a great movie or book.

Here is a great example of a pleasant surprise.  I purchased a bottle of the Ogallala Bay Rum, Sage and Cedar Aftershave thinking it was the original Ogallala Bay Rum.  I obviously did not read the product description close enough.  It was my own fault, but it certainly was not a life-altering mistake.  In my efforts described in my post about Ryan Holiday’s book The Obstacle Is the Way, I am trying to look at everything the world gives me as an opportunity, big or small.  So my mistake became an opportunity to try this really unique aftershave which is probably more appropriate for Fall than the traditional bay rum.  Of course this is an easy event to turn into an opportunity, but that’s how you start.  When the small things become easy, you start working on the big things.

Anyway, I received the bottle of Ogallala Bay Rum, Sage and Cedar and still did not notice that I had made a mistake.  In fact, I did not even notice when I opened the bottle to give a quick whiff.  As with all bay rums, the smell in the bottle is nothing like the smell when it is applied to your face.  So, it makes sense that I would not have really noticed.  The two bay rums that I had been hearing a lot about were this Ogallala and the Captain’s Choice.  Thankfully, they could not be more different, and I will be posting a review of the Captain’s Choice sometime in the future.  (And probably the traditional Ogallala Bay Rum at some point too).

The Ogallala Bay Rum, Sage and Cedar smells just like it sounds like it would.  It opens up with a very pleasant bay rum clove and spice smell, but it eventually settles into a milder mix of woods with some flowery, herbal hints.  My face feels extremely treated and protected about twenty minutes after the application.  Another fantastic quality is that the scent lasts almost all day negating the need for any cologne.  All-in-all, the aftershave performs extremely well functionally as well as aromatically.

There are several factors to keep in mind with this aftershave that are not necessarily negative aspects, just things to be aware of.  Like a good bay rum, there is a certain level of “burn” when you first use the aftershave that lasts about ten minutes.  Most bay rum users are accustomed to this burn and look for it in their bay rums.  However, if this is your first time, just be aware.  The sensation is not a feeling like a chemical burn or a painful burn, but more like a comfortable heat.  The heat can be a little strong for some people.  I have also found the scent to be rather strong.  While this is something that I like, I also don’t like smelling like a perfume factory all day.  So to control the heat sensation and the scent, it is important to only use a few drops of aftershave.  Remember, you can always apply more if you think you need it, but you cannot take some off your face once it’s on.  Fortunately the cap on the bottle is the perfect design to allow only a few drops to pour out with a shake, so you can easily control how much aftershave you dispense.

While I did not intend to order the Ogallala Bay Rum, Sage and Cedar Aftershave, I am extremely happy with my purchase, and actually think it is more appropriate for this Fall season reminiscent of chopping wood, burning leaves and Thanksgiving that a traditional bay rum might have been.  For less than twenty dollars, I would highly recommend grabbing a bottle of this on Amazon before Fall is over.

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