The Monday Rise - Feedback Is the Breakfast of Champions

The Monday Rise

As this blog grows (and I grow as a writer), I would like to add a little more structure to the content here and incorporate a little more direction.  With that said, I would like to introduce The Monday Rise.  There is so much focus put on dressing and grooming when it comes to men’s style that some of the other contributing factors seem to fall by the wayside.  While style definitely includes how you dress, shaving, grooming, etc. those are absolutely not the only factors that enhance your style.  Another huge component is how you carry yourself, which is majorly influenced by how you feel about yourself.  Enter The Monday Rise.  In an effort to help start everyone’s week off on the right foot, I would like to take Mondays to focus on ways people can feel truly better about themselves.  I think as a society, we focus too much on what other people think about us, but true happiness comes when you are honestly happy with yourself.  These are all things that I have either adopted into my life or are working to adopt. I would love to hear anyone’s comments on this new structure or on any post so far.  After all, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

I remember first reading the line, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” in Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson’s classic management book The One Minute Manager back in 2003.  Back then I was running an upscale restaurant, and corporate management required all managers to read the book, among others.  When I first read the line I remember thinking, “Great, here’s an open invitation for every manager above me to yell at me while hiding behind this quote.”  Certainly, some did, but the better managers really took this quote to heart.  They became teachers delivering feedback with the honest goal of improving me and the company.  When I knew their chief intention was to improve me, I was much more receptive and grew as a result.  However, I should have been open to all forms of feedback, not just the ones from managers who were good at teaching.

There are two easy to learn, but difficult to implement lessons to take from this.  Additionally, these lessons are not only for the workplace.  They can be used in all areas of life not only at work, but also when dealing with your friends, spouse, children or even strangers.  First, don’t make the mistake I did.  Consider the content not the source.  Just because someone is not good at giving you feedback, doesn’t mean they don’t have a good point.  Take everyone’s comments with appreciation and an honest intention to consider what they are saying.  I’m not saying they will be right or that you have to do what everyone says.  However, I do think that if you take the time to parse what people say to you and think about it for a few minutes, you will find areas where you can learn and grow and ultimately feel better about yourself on a daily basis.

Second, take some time and think about how you interact with other people and offer advice.  While you cannot change how people give you their opinions, you can control how you speak to other people.  If you approach the feedback you provide with the honest intention to help and teach, your listeners will absolutely be more receptive to your message.  Remember, this does not mean they will do what you say.  However, it does mean you can walk away from every conversation with pride and dignity knowing you handled yourself with integrity, which, by the way, are some of the best accessories to every outfit for every occasion.

I hope you do take a few minutes to think about how you interact with people daily and see if there are times when you feel better about yourself because of how you listened to or spoke to someone else.

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