Wear it for Less: Norman Reedus in GQ

I have what is probably considered an unhealthy appetite for men’s interests magazines.  Not only do I usually buy the usual suspects like GQ and Esquire, but I also typically read some of the international versions and any other magazine that I find interesting in the bookstore.  I love most of the content of these magazine and use them as resources for putting together my personal style.  However, my one major gripe is that a lot of the clothing and accessories featured are too expensive for me.  Sometimes those magazines will throw a few less expensive items in there, but not always.  Sure, maybe I could throw it all on a credit card and pay it off later, but, like me, that’s probably gotten a lot of you in trouble before.  What I really love doing is picking a piece here or there slowly augmenting my wardrobe.  Obviously, this is the more mature, responsible way to do it.  

However, every once in a while, an outfit just grabs me, and I have to replicate the whole thing.  This month, it was GQ’s photo shoot with Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead).  While I can’t post the picture here, due to copyright restrictions, I can post a link.  Of course being a Walking Dead fan helps, but I could wear that outfit every weekend for the rest of this Fall and Winter.  The only trouble is that, including the watch, that outfit costs about $8,000.  So, what I decided to do, with some help from my friends at Nordstrom, was put together this outfit in a price range that was more my speed.  I’ve included images and links for every piece in the outfit.  

Jeans: Mavi Jeans 'Josh' Bootcut Jeans - $98.00

Surprisingly, the item I thought would be the easiest to match ended up being the hardest.  The jeans from the GQ picture have such amazing texture and the perfect worn and distressed details that I began to understand why they are $495, even though I would not spend that much on a pair of jeans.  I hope you appreciate the jeans I chose as an alternative, in addition to the rest of the outfit.

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