The New Power Suit

Gordon Gekko's Power Suit

Gordon Gekko's Power Suit

When I first mention “power suit” to you, I would bet the image that pops into your head is something like Gordon Gekko in Wall Street or Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.  The idea of a power suit connotates someone who dresses in a way to force their will on others by intimidating them.  Fortunately, this is a relic from a bygone era of insecure and materialistic men.  Today’s man needs a new power suit fitting of the twenty-first century idea of manliness.

Being a gentleman in this new millenium is not about focusing on what others think of you.  Being a man today means being in touch with what you think about you.  Focusing on what others think about you conveys insecurity and weakness.  By paying attention to how you feel about yourself and by concentrating on improving that, you can convey confidence and strength.  So, how does this affect how you dress?  Well, it means that your new power suit should be one in which you feel your best.  When you need that extra boost in your confidence, this is the suit you go to.  It’s not about how other people feel when you wear it, it’s about how you feel.  This is the suit you wear when you’re going to propose.  This is the suit you wear to that final round interview.  This is the suit you wear on your first day at a new job.  I don’t care what it looks like.  The new power suit isn’t about exerting your power, it’s about empowerment.  However, I think your new power suit should stand out in your closet.  There should be some edge and a little boldness to differentiate it from your other suits.  This is, in fact, a special suit.  I would suggest staying away from a solid color fabric and look towards something with a pattern.  Of course, the whole idea is that this is a suit where you feel your best, so my opinions are just that.  With that in mind, I put together a list of three suits that I would choose to be my next power suit.

1. Brooks Brothers Regent Fit Chalkstripe 1818 Suit

I’m a big fan of the Regent fit from Brooks Brothers.  The trimmer cut and the side vents add some extra style to this suitmaker’s traditional cuts.  This chalkstripe pattern is a fantastic take on the traditional pinstripe that stands out a little more than usual.

2. J. Crew Crosby Traveler Suit in Glen Plaid Suit

The new Crosby fit from J. Crew brings the quality associated with the Ludlow fit to guys with broader shoulders and more athletic build.  I always found the Ludlow suits too trim for my build.  I was so thrilled when J. Crew introduced this new fit.  Additionally, the Glen Plaid pattern is absolutely beautiful.

3. Ted Baker London “Jones” Trim Fit Suit

Another great pattern here to help your new power suit stand out in your closet and on the street.  Plus free shipping and returns from Nordstrom make shopping so easy.

A new power suit is a great way to start off the new year.  Fortunately, there are a lot of sales going on right now.  So order online and take your suit to your local trusted tailor, and it should be ready in time to kick off 2015 right.

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