5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Boost Your Style

Tame those quills!

1. Use half as much hair product as you're currently using.

Almost every guy I talk to or see, has way too much product in their hair.  Hair looks better when you or someone else can run their fingers through it, not when you have a hair helmet or half a gallon of "goop" in it or look like a porcupine.  Fortunately this problem has a very simple solution.  Next time you are getting ready to style your hair, put half of the product back in the container before you put it in your hair.  And when you put the hair product in, run your fingers through the back of your hair first.  Remember: you can always add more, but you can't take any out.

2. Pick a cologne and stick with it for a month.

I tend to rotate through a few colognes during the year, but I try to keep them seasonal.  So, I don't have a true "signature scent" that I wear day in and day out, and I don't suggest you do either.  What I do suggest is that you have a few that you choose from depending on the time of day, weather, season, occasion, etc.  Starting on September 1st, pick a cologne you have or go buy one, and wear it every day for the month.  See if people start complimenting you, saying things like, "you always smell so good" or "what are you wearing?  I love the way it smells." 

3. Update your accessories.

Enhance your wardrobe

It's not easy to go out and buy a completely new wardrobe.  That takes time and money.  However, your wardrobe can be enhanced with a few choice new accessories.  If you wear shirts with French cuffs (with a suit only, please) pick up a new pair of links.  Grab a new tie at The Tie Bar.  Pick up a new belt and wallet at Kenneth Cole.  These small changes will perk up your usual outfits and may even draw the attention away from the fact that you've worn a shirt once too often recently.

4. Shine your shoes

Nothing pulls an outfit together like a freshly shined pair of shoes.  And not many things can give a man more pride in his outfit than shining his shoes himself.  This is a time-honored tradition celebrated by everyone from members of the aristocracy to men in the military to prep school boys.  If you've never shined your shoes, don't worry.  It's relatively easy, and it's very relaxing.  Mr Porter has a great video highlighting the process.  You can always pick up some wax at the drug store, but I highly recommend spending a few dollars more on a quality product like Saphir.  Most mass produced products will dry your shoe's leather and actually decrease their life.  By spending a few bucks more and by taking care of your shoes, you can dramatically increase their life.  

5. Get a straight razor shave and haircut from a real barber.

Treat yourself right.

Some guys reserve this for their wedding day.  Some guys call this pampering and will have none of it.  I call it a way to significantly boost your appearance and your confidence.  There's nothing better to put a little hop in your step than a fresh haircut.  So why not make it even better with a real shave.  The real trick is to make sure the barber giving you a shave knows what they're doing.  Don't be afraid to ask a few questions or see how long they have been giving shaves.  I once had a barber tell me that I just was prone to bleeding.  I came to find out that I was one of her first customers.  Don't be a test subject.