In Defense of the Manicure for Men

1940s manicure kit for men

I used to manage an upscale restaurant, and the corporate management had a policy that all managers were required to get weekly manicures, both men and women.  This policy extended from the CEO down to the newest assistant manager, and everyone in between.  Do I think every manager in the company followed the policy?  No. I don't.  However, I did, and I loved it.  To this day I still get manicures (maybe not every week), and you should too.

In my opinion, manicures provide health benefits, style benefits and social benefits.  First, the health benefits.  Your hands are dirty.  You may not even realize it, but your hands come in contact with more dirt than any other part of your body.  That dirt then gets stuck under your nails, and can lead to numerous health issues.  Sure, you wash your hands and take showers.  Maybe you even use a nail scrubber.  But you need to get that dirt out of there before it causes real problems.  The last thing you want is an infection or a cracked nail or just gross hands.  A simple hand massage, which usually comes with a manicure, can also increase circulation, and that's always a good thing.

It shouldn't be a secret that clean hands and trimmed nails look good, but you would be surprised how many guys don't seem to realize this.  The next time you're walking on the street take a few extra minutes to glance at the hands of the guys you see around you.  You will be shocked by the massive numbers of cracked, yellow, dirty nails there are out in the world.  Do any of these guys seem stylish or attractive?  Probably not.  Style is not just about the clothes, but the man under the clothes.  And all the best clothes in the world can't help a damn if the guy underneath doesn't take care of himself.

So simple, even a guy can do it.

Socially, manicures are also incredibly important.  Would you rather shake hands with someone with nice, clean hands and nails or cracked, rough hands and dirty nails.  The answer is simple.  So why would you expect anyone to treat you differently.  Now, would you rather get intimate with a man or woman with dirty hands and nails?  No, definitely not.  Now here's the secret, it works the other way too.  Sure, lots of women like the cowboy type, but that doesn't mean they want him bringing the dirt from the horse trail back home.

This weekend is a perfect time to try one out.  What's the worst that could happen?  And don't forget, your nails will grow back in case you miss those disgusting, yellow claws.  Remember, I never said you had to tell anyone that you got a manicure.  What I'm saying is that you should get one.  Your hands and your social life will thank you, and, who knows, you might even like it.


Tailor and Barber