Dr. Jon's "Anne Bonny" Aftershave Review

If you’re new to this blog, then you might be new to the world of Dr. Jon’s shaving products.  If you’re a reader of Tailor & Barber, then you’ve probably read a few of my reviews of Dr. Jon’s shaving soaps before.  However, this is the first time I’ve taken a look at one of Dr. Jon’s aftershaves.

Before I get too deep into the review of the actual product, I need to focus on something that is often overlooked: packaging.  Dr. Jon’s packaging of this aftershave is fantastic.  I love the labels on their shaving soaps, and this label pairs as a compliment to those of the soaps.  Most importantly, and I know this might seem like a small detail, the dropper caps are perfect.  I’ve reviewed aftershaves in the past with bottles that gave me no control over the amount of aftershave dispensed.  I invariably poured out either too much or too little.  With Dr. Jon’s “Anne Bonny” I was able to pour out exactly as much aftershave as I wanted, and I can honestly tell you, this goes a long way towards the enjoyment of any product.

Overall, I found “Anne Bonny” to be pretty intriguing.  It’s a bay rum based aftershave with a menthol kicker.  Additionally, the traditional clove portion of a bay rum has been supplanted with a black tea fragrance.  With the removal of the clove, so goes the burn that most wet shavers typically associate with a bay rum.  However, before you jump to any conclusions, realize that this isn’t a bad thing.  I don’t think that burn would work with the addition of menthol, and, sometimes, I don’t want the burn.  I think a lot of bay rums out there are, more or less, incredibly similar.  As someone who loves trying new wet shaving products, I really appreciate the boldness Dr. Jon’s showed in trying something new.

The fragrance of the “Anne Bonny” is wonderful.  I found it to be heavy on the bay and sweet rum scents with a light addition of some spice and a little vanilla.  It doesn’t last too long, but just long enough.  I would say somewhere between an hour or two, and this is exactly what I want in an aftershave.  “Anne Bonny” doesn’t claim to be a cologne, and doesn’t act like one either.  She does her job, and does it well.

The real star is the post-shave healing and feel.  Which, in my opinion, is the true purpose of an aftershave.  With witch hazel, rose water, glycerin, aloe, alum, this aftershave is all about doing your face some good.  I haven’t seen too many aftershaves with alum, but I’ve been wanting one for so long that I’ve actually tried to make some at home.  I’m thrilled to see that Dr. Jon’s was able to get this done.  This is one of the best aftershaves I’ve tested, just for it’s healing properties alone.

Bay rum purists may shy away from this one, but that’s going to be their loss.  What I love about Dr. Jon’s is that stand-out factor.  Creative labels, quality ingredients, and unique fragrances are what Dr. Jon’s is all about, and “Anne Bonny” is no exception.


Tailor & Barber