Last Minute Black Friday Thoughts

Last Minute Black Friday Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I want to drop a quick post and highlight a few great sales going on right now.  Normally I’m not a Black Friday person, and you would never catch me hitting up a store (especially not at some ungodly hour in the morning), but there are some fantastic deals available!


You may have read my recent post on Twillory.  Well, this is the time to buy.  Their two and four shirt multi-buy deals are even better than usual.  This two blue check shirt is one of my personal favs.  This red check will most likely be my next purchase.  And you can never have enough crisp, white shirts.  Be sure to stop by and check this promo out.


So Barney’s is not my usual store, but they have some great deals going on.  I have nothing against Barneys, and after seeing this sale, I definitely need to check them out more often!  Get my favorite flops for summer for only $9.  Yes, $9!  Also, get some incredible Ferragamo ties for almost half off, and a killer pair of loafers at a killer price.

Ralph Lauren

Take the opportunity in the cold months to pick up some clothes for the warm months, including my favorite polo.  And if you needed any other options, check out this write-up on some of the best polos from last spring.


Don’t count on anyone else to buy a cologne that’s as perfect for you as one you buy for yourself.  Cologne should be an individual purchase, not a gift.  No one has better prices online that Fragrancenet, especially on my favorites, Creed and Acqua di Parma.


I’m including Amazon here, because they are offering great prices on their own devices this week.  We’re getting the kids their own Kindle Fires this year, and decided to pull the trigger this week because of the sale.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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