Seven Sensational Colognes for Spring

Seven Sensational Colognes for Spring

If you've been paying attention to the blog this week, you will probably noticed a recurring theme: spring is here! I'm so sick of winter at this point that I'm ready to jump headfirst into some warmer temperatures, even if it is a bit premature. Regardless, in getting ready for spring, I decided to do some cologne shopping, and I thought I would share some of my favorites with you.  

Sure there's a lot of talk out there about signature scents, and having one cologne that defines you. I like to think a little differently. I wouldn't normally wear shorts in December or order oysters in June, so why should I wear an Oud in the summer? I had a teacher way back in middle school who used say, "time and place," whenever someone was acting out in class. This was his shortened way of telling students that there is a time an place for everything, and I think that extends to style, grooming and fashion too. I don't think you have to stick to this so strictly, but I like, on most days, to have my fragrance fit the season.

So what does spring bring to mind for you? For me, I immediately think of greens, flower buds, fresh wood, new grass, thunderstorms, warm days and cool nights. These seven colognes bring these thoughts to mind, each in their own way. Additionally, all seven are available from Nordstrom which means free shipping and free returns, so if you change your mind, there's nothing to worry about. Who even needs to go to a store any more? But that's a whole different blog post for another time.

C. O. Bigelow Barber Cologne Elixir Blue

C. O. Bigelow's revitalization has brought some great new scents that are extremely affordable. The Barber Cologne Elixir Blue bring an herbal and woodsy scent to your cologne library. While it may not last as long as some others, it's perfect for a spring day time scent.

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 1 "Blue"

Many people would argue that the Big Pony 1 cologne is more of a summer cologne, but I have found that the staying power of the woods brings me to a springtime place more than summertime. Your experience might be different, but for me this is April and May all the way.

Eau de Lacoste "White"

Based on the iconic Lacoste white tennis shirt, the White is meant to be reminiscent of crispness. When I think of crisp, I think of spring mornings. Maybe you're on the tennis court or on the golf course or just sitting on your deck drinking coffee and reading the paper. Whatever your doing, it's crisp.

Terre d'Hermes

While veering into the realm of colognes that are a little more woodsy and earthy, the citrus and bright woods still make this classic a spring scent. If you could bottle walking through an orange grove on a bright spring day, Terre d'Hermes would be in that bottle.

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo, Ginepro di Sardegna

While the rest of the Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo are wonderful summer fragrances, the Ginepro di Sardegna could be called the black sheep of the family. This version is spicy and woodsy with fragrant juniper and sage.  

Guerlain Vetiver

A re-imagined classic, and a favorite of our friends at Fine Accoutrements, the Guerlain Vetier is smoky, grassy and leather. A darker spring fragrance to be sure, but perfect for a spring evening.

Creed Original Vetiver

Another vetiver? Yes. Vetiver is one of my favorite notes in any cologne.  It's unique, versatile and classic.  Creed is one of my favorite houses, and the Creed Original Vetiver was the first bottle of Creed I ever bought.  It's a different vetiver from the Guerlain though. The Creed is sweet, not smoky. There's a freshness to the grassiness that other vetivers don't have. It definitely is an original.

What are you wearing this spring? Let us know what other colognes else we should be looking at. Leave a comment here or reach out on social media. We love to hear from our readers!


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