F1 Style: 3 Different Looks

If you were reading the blog yesterday, you know that I was very happy about the return of the F1 season.  So I decided to take a look at a few of the more stylish drivers in the championship today: Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, and Valtteri Bottas.  These three guys each have their own style, and you may not like all three, but personal style is not about pleasing everyone.  It’s about having the confidence to wear what you want in a way that doesn’t seem forced and just seems to work.  For example, André 3000 has style.  It may not be your style.  You may not even like it.  But you have to admit, the man is not afraid to wear what he wants, it doesn’t look forced, and it just seems to work for him.  That’s how I define style anyway.

1. Lewis Hamilton

Image: MailOnline

Image: Mirror

Lewis Hamilton is definitely the most fashion forward of these three.  This year he was seen attending events at both Paris' and New York's Fashion Weeks.  These trips included stops at the Balmain show in Paris.  If you’re looking to pick up some style like Lewis you could try shopping at Ssense, Neiman Marcus, or ASOS.

2. Jenson Button

Image: Telegraph

Image: Fansshare

I would describe Jenson Button’s style as casually cool.  He is self-admittedly as comfortable wearing one of his Hugo Boss suits (Button was a paid spokesperson for years) as he is wearing shorts, a t-shirt and Havaianas.  This style blends well in many situations.  By nature this look seems easy to pull off, but the difference is in the details.  Some tailoring, a few accessories, shined shoes; these things make all the difference in the casual cool look, but be cautious this isn’t as easy as it appears.

3. Valtteri Bottas

Image: MTV

Image: Motorsport

Image: Automafia

I really resist the urge to mention James Bond on this blog too often.  In fact, this is only the second time I have, but in this case I have to compare Bottas’ style to that of Daniel Craig as 007.  Bottas’ style is crisp, clean and coordinated.  His colors are always on point.  His tailoring is fitted, and, even when casual, nothing is excessive or flashy.  Bottas’ style is almost too pulled together for someone not acting in a movie, but that’s what he does.

What are your thoughts on these three?  Which one do you most identify with?  Drop a comment and let us know.


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