Getting Ready for Wedding Season?

Getting Ready for Wedding Season?

If you haven’t started reading them already, you’re going to start seeing a lot of articles about wedding season soon.  While I think the concept of “wedding season” is really just another marketing ploy that actually adds more stress than anything else, the fact of the matter is you probably have more weddings coming up in the next six months than you did in the previous six months.  Another misconception about attending a wedding is that only the people celebrating the wedding want to look their best.  Now I’m not suggesting that you upstage the bride or anything, but weddings are celebrations and, if you’re like me, you want to look good partying.

In my inbox today was an email from MR Porter regarding their What to Wear Guide for three types of weddings: city, country, and beach.  Their offerings are incredible, and I would love to rock some of these outfits this summer.  However, MR Porter is definitely on the more expensive side.  If these items are out of reach for you, have no fear.  I decided to take my own stab at the city, country, and beach wedding guides.

The City Wedding

City wedding dress should be the most formal of the three.  A darker suit works best here with the emphasis on the more traditional styles.  That being said, remember it is still summer, and most wedding celebrations these days take all day.  No one wants to be sitting at the reception in a sweat-drenched, steamy suit from the day-time festivities.  Keep it light, and remember fabric matters.

Suit // Shirt // Tie // Shoes // Accessory

The Country Wedding

When some people think country wedding, they think farm, cows, shotguns…  That’s not what I’m talking about here.  I mean that traditional suburban event.  Wedding at the church, reception at the country club, and late night at the hotel bar.  You can be a little more casual here, but keep in mind you’re still in a pretty traditional setting, so think darker jacket, lighter pants.  But stay away from the blue blazers with gold buttons and the khakis.  Nothing wrong with that outfit, but, you’re looking to stand out a little, not blend in with the herd.

Jacket // Pants // Shirt // Tie (optional) // Shoes // Accessory

The Beach Wedding

Ok, here it is.  Your time to have a little fun.  There’s going to be a lot of khaki, a lot of bow ties, and a lot of seersucker.  Are you at a wedding or The Kentucky Derby?  Instead try something mixing lighter solids.  Think 1950s Miami, Cuba, etc.  Light jackets and white crisp shirts are your friends here.  And whatever you do, leave the socks at home.

Jacket // Pants // Shirt // Shoes // Accessory

I hope these suggestions give you some great ideas for ways to dress appropriately without getting lost in the crowd, and without breaking the bank.  Let me know what you think, and feel free to drop some of your favorite suggestions for summer wedding too.


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