Wet Shaving Products "Tobacco" Rustic Shaving Soap Review

Wet Shaving Products "Tobacco" Rustic Shaving Soap Review

Wet Shaving Products "Tobacco" Rustic Shaving Soap Review

If you read my review of the Wet Shaving Products “Prince” Silvertip shaving brush last month, you should know that I’m pretty high on the company.  And if you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I like the occasional cigar.  So it makes perfect sense that I would take a look at the Wet Shaving Products “Tobacco” Rustic Shaving Soap.  I’ll be honest, I got this soap around the same time as some other soaps that are really great performers.  The skeptic in me didn’t think that everything in that order could be great, so I started out using this soap expecting to be let down, not necessarily by the product but by the odds.

There are lots of different tobacco scents in the worlds of traditional wet shaving and men’s fragrance.  Some are sweet, some are earthy, some are smoky, but if I had to classify this soap, I would call it leathery.  Don’t get me wrong, tobacco is definitely the primary note in the scent of this soap, but after that the soap is reminiscent of an historic library or cigar lounge.  I pick up a lot of leather and wood.  The wood scent isn’t surprising as some of the fragrance oils used in this soap are cedar and fir needle.  Where that leather comes from for me, I can’t say, I just know I’m picking it up.

While I would still call this soap a soft shaving soap or a “croap”, it’s definitely harder than most of the softer soaps out there.  So I do recommend using a stiffer brush like this one.  Wet Shaving Products describes their soaps as “inspired by Martin de Candre.”  This density underscores the incredible value that this soap is.  Not only is this shaving soap currently sold for less than thirteen dollars for over four ounces, but I also have no doubt that my tin will last for a long time.

Performance-wise, this soap is a beast.  I get tons of lather.  It seems like the more water I drip onto my brush, the more lather I get out of it.  Keep feeding this soap and you will be rewarded.  This soap is fantastically slick, but the cushion is the real show-stealer.  Typically, I find that to achieve a high level of glide, a shaving soap has to sacrifice some level of comfort or cushion as it’s known in the wet shaving world.  Not so here.  And the real beauty is that Wet Shaving Products manages to do all this with six ingredients.

Once again, Wet Shaving Products has managed to shatter my expectations.  This is a fantastic shaving soap with incredible value.  I highly recommend this soap, and I hope to be able to review a few more in the future, especially the Gaelic Tweed and the Lavenderwood.


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