Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading

Another weekend is upon us, and I know I’ll be spending most of my time working in the yard.  The weather is perfect for yard work.  Warm enough to stay outside, cool enough to not overheat.  Hopefully you’re able to get out in the sun too, but if you have some extra time, go ahead and check out some of our selections below.

I’m really excited to see what Brian has planned for the future.

If you use a moisturizer (and you should), but hate that oily feeling, check out this article.

My favorite sneakers for summer never go out of style.

I think I’ve seen too many science fiction movie, and this terrifies me.

This is quickly becoming my favorite spring aftershave.

Do you use lather or a no-lather shaving cream?  A great question from Craig the Barber.

It’s not too early to start thinking about swim trunks.

I’m not sure if this story is real or just a publicity stunt for Jurassic World.

Speaking of movies, I watched Chef last night.  Definitely recommended, especially if you work or worked in the industry.

Megan put together a fantastic piece on dressing with style for bigger guys.

I literally spent my day yesterday going to different stores and trying on all the different polos they sold.  These were, far and away, the best polos I tried on.


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