Weekend Reading: Horses, Boxing and Chickens

Weekend Reading: Horses, Boxing and Chickens

It’s Derby Weekend, and I’m looking forward to a few mint juleps and some horse racing.  My wife I don't get to too many Derby parties these days, but we like to have the kids pick a horse (they usually choose based on colors) and we all watch together.  It’s already become a family tradition, and the race is about the right length of time for our kids’ attention spans.  And what about Saturday night?  Are you watching the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight?  Do you think boxing is still relevant?  I wish this fight had happened about seven years ago.  That might have saved boxing.  Personally I’d rather watch boxing than MMA.  Not sure why really, just do.  Anyway, on to some of the best of the web this week.

1. Don’t forget about the Macy’s Friends and Family Sale going on right now.  Use the code ShopStyleFF for 25% off.  Maybe pick up a few of our favorite polo shirts or a new blazer for that wedding this summer.

2. Have you ever wondered why a quality chicken costs so much?

3. Brian has spring style down.

4. This article taught me more about loafers than I ever wanted to know.

5. The benefits of wearing a suit are now scientifically proven.

6. Have you ever wondered why a cup of coffee costs so much?

7. I’ll be making these real soon.


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