Weekend Reading: Mint, Bespoke Cologne, and Pens

Weekend Reading: Mint, Bespoke Cologne, and Pens

What a great week!  The weather is amazing, everything is green, the neighborhood is firing up their grills.  I love fall the most of the four seasons, but this time of year is a close second.  This is the time of year that makes we want to move to San Diego and enjoy it all year long.  Who knows, maybe someday I will.  For now though, I’m savoring it.  Here are some of the things I’ve been into this week.

1. As a Philadelphia Flyers fan, this made me so happy.

2. Ever want to try to pull off mint?  Here’s a great post on the color.

3. Toss this one on the bucket list.

4. I know I post a lot from Brian, but here’s another fantastic article.

5. After shattering my bottle of Green Irish Tweed, I think I’ll give these guys a shot.

6. Every man should own a quality pen.  Here’s a terrific introduction.

7. A fascinating read on sex addiction.

8. Do not forget to sign up for the Barberry Coast giveaway.  They are still taking entries here.

9. I think these new rules could make F1 even more exciting.

10. Have you checked out the new casual shirts for summer at Charles Tyrwhitt?  I love the new patterns.

11. Microsoft just made the world even flatter, no one seems to be talking about it.


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