Weekend Reading: Happy Memorial Day!

Weekend Reading: Happy Memorial Day!

Summer is finally here!  Ok, unofficially, but I think we can all agree that summer really begins on Memorial Day Weekend.  I hope you all have some great plans this weekend.  Whether you’re going away, getting together with friends, or just relaxing, have a fantastic weekend!  I’m definitely looking forward to firing up the Weber.  Sure, I have a gas grill for convenience, but nothing compares to charcoal.

1. I’m a huge fan of Ryan Holiday.  This post on productivity is packed full of helpful lessons.

2. If you’ve never watched an F1 race before, this is the perfect weekend to check one out.  The Monaco Grand Prix is the premier event of the season.  In the U.S. you can watch or DVR it on NBC Sunday morning.

3. Nordstrom is currently holding their Half Yearly Sale with up to 40% off.  This is one of only two major sales Nordstrom runs all year.  Did you know they sell Bonobos, one of our favorite brands?  The 1901 label is another exclusive brand that only Nordstrom carries.  Both are on sale now.

4. What a great concept from Craig the Barber!  I’m really curious to see how this works.

5. Carly has a great post here!  “If it’s not on my Google Calendar, it’s not happening.”  I love it!

6. J. Crew is offering 30% off all Memorial Day Weekend when you use the code WEEKEND at checkout.  Their Secret Wash Shirts are so comfortable and perfect for summer!

7. When Bill Gates suggests that you read something it’s probably a good idea to heed his advice.  Needless to say, I’ll be adding this list to my Amazon wish list.

8. Speaking of reading, I’m going to take some time this weekend and try to finish up both Unbroken and The Man in the High Castle.

9. Finally, one more Memorial Day Sale.  Ralph Lauren is having a killer sale right now with up to 55% off with the code RLMEM15.  This is the perfect time to pick up a couple of our favorite polo shirts.


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