Weekend Reading: From FIFA to Facemasks

Weekend Reading: From FIFA to Facemasks

I have to admit, the Internet seems to have slowed down a bit following Memorial Day.  I guess vacation season has started, and not as many pieces are out there.  What I was seeing on my feedly feed wasn’t as interesting (for the most part) as weeks past.  But don’t worry, there are a few gems found hiding in the rough.

My biggest disappointment of the week was finding out that The Washington Post won’t deliver to my house.  I’ve really been into reading news in print as opposed to online lately, for a couple of reasons.  First, studies have shown that readers retain more information through print as opposed to digital mediums.  And second, there’s a charming peacefulness to the quiet, crinkling of the paper that I definitely enjoy.  If you have any suggestions on quality newspapers besides the NY Times that deliver nationally, please let me know.

1. Speaking of the NY Times, hats off to Deborah Sontag for piecing this puzzle of charitable kickbacks together.

2. I have always respected Bob Ley, and his visible anger with FIFA was refreshing in a world of sponsor-pleasing and scripted news.

3. Sweaty feet season is here.  Are you taking care of your shoes after you wear them?

4. Our favorite polos are on sale...again.

5. Whenever that day comes that I visit China, I’ll be sure to take Tyler’s advice.

6. Why do I read women’s blogs?  So I know things like every woman out there is obsessed with BaubleBar.  Go.  Browse.  Buy.  Be the hero.

7. Look, I haven’t been a fan of the short-sleeved shirt in the past, but if it’s good enough for Ryan...

8. Great post here from Ape to Gentleman on face masks.  And yes, you should try one.

9. You might think summer is the wrong time to shop for jeans, but that’s when the sales are.


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