4711 Original Eau de Cologne Aftershave Review

Man, Wednesday was just one of those days.  My son was still sick from the day before.  I wasn’t feeling particularly well.  My wife had a Mother’s Day event at the kids’ school.  We had people working in the house all morning.  I didn’t even get to grab a shower until after three in the afternoon.  I felt like Mr. Mom on his first day at home.  We all have days like that, and it’s those kinds of days that make catching a few moments to yourself all the more worthwhile.  When I was finally able to grab that shower and enjoy a shave, I knew I needed something a little different.  I was already beat up by the day, so I wanted something a little softer, a little more gentle than some of the more “manly” products out there.  I reached for the 4711 Original Eau de Cologne Aftershave.

Before I get into the aftershave too much, I want to give a little history on this fragrance.  The 4711 is the reason we call cologne “cologne”.  Invented in the 1700s in Cologne, Germany, this is likely the first cologne ever created.  You can definitely read more about the interesting history on either Wikipedia or the House of 4711 website.  What I find incredibly interesting is that this fragrance still exists.  We all know that tastes come and go, but to have the staying power of over two hundred years just blows my mind.

What I really enjoy about this aftershave (and the fragrance in general) is the soothing and calming nature to it.  The fragrance is very citrusy with strong underlying herbal notes, but I also pick up something like cucumber, even though I can’t find it mentioned in any of the fragrance notes.  The application is pretty simple.  There’s a slight sting from the alcohol base, but in a way that is reminiscent of those learning shaves in your youth, without causing any pain.  Sans menthol, there’s not a whole lot of feel to this aftershave, just that soothing scent.  However, I think the real strength with the 4711 is the post-shave feel.  I’d swear my shaves get a little closer after I put this on.  I know that’s not possible, but my face just feels a little smoother once it’s on.

If you’re looking for an aftershave you can use year-round, this is not the product for you.  I think the 4711 is best suited for summer.  However, use it this summer, and I think you will really enjoy it.  I also think part of the appeal for me is taking part in the two hundred plus year history of this amazing story.  I’d love to know what you think.  Are you a fan of the 4711?  Do you buy any products based on the storied history of the company?  Start the discussion below.


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