5 Places to Save Money on Style

5 Places to Save Money on Style

Open up most men’s magazines these days, and you will be sure find it packed full of clothing and grooming gear that would break your budget and then some.  What you never (or hardly ever see) is advice on where you can save a few bucks.  I understand that certain fabrics, ingredients, or manufacturing steps cost money, and that’s what makes certain items more expensive.  What I disagree with is deceptive marketing, prices based on labels, and trend-gouging.  So with that in mind, I’d like to offer a few opinions on some of the best ways for you to save some scratch.

Shine Your Own Shoes

We’ve all been there.  You’re walking through the train station or the airport, and there he is.  The shoeshine guy.  “Sure, I’ve got ten minutes and five bucks to spare,” you think to yourself.  After all, your shoes need to look good for that meeting, right?  But for the price of a couple of shines, you could get yourself an entire shoeshine kit.  Plus, no one takes better care of your own stuff than you.

Start Shaving with a Safety Razor

If you’re a seasoned reader of T&B, I’m sure you saw this coming.  How could I not mention it?  By ditching those expensive cartridges, you could save hundreds...literally.  I did the math here.  On top of that, you will have better shaves and better looking skin.  How could you pass that up?


Look, I love cashmere, but do i need cashmere?  No.  I wrote a very popular article on merino wool a few months ago, and I stand by it.  I’ll take the savings on a lightweight wool or cotton sweater put towards another piece of clothing over the luxe of cashmere any day of the week.


Just a simple product recommendation here.  Knockaround makes some of the best, inexpensive sunglasses available.  I mean even their polarized glasses are thirty dollars or less.

Never Pay Full Price

First, wait for sales.  I know, sometimes what you want might not be available in your size once the sale hits.  That’s okay.  Wait for the next sale.  If you buy clothes like I do and don’t follow fleeting fashion trends, what “season” your shirt is won’t matter.  Second, embrace the multibuy.  Some fantastic clothing makers will offer exceptional pricing for buying multiple suits, shirts, etc.  Charles Tyrwhitt has the ever-popular 4 for $199, Brooks Brothers usually sells two suits at a discount when purchased together.  I understand that this seems like spending more money, but in the long run, you are absolutely saving.

Some of these tips might seem rudimentary or obvious, but I thought they were worth stating.  One of my hopes with this blog is to help guys improve their own personal sense of style, but that doesn’t have to come with a high price tag on everything.


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