Dr. Jon's "Hex" Shaving Soap Review

Dr. Jon's "Hex" Shaving Soap Review

Dr. Jon's "Hex" Shaving Soap Review

When I originally set out to review some shaving soaps from Dr. Jon’s Handcrafted Soap Co., I choose three to review: The Big Green Monster, The Classic, and The Hex.  I’ve already reviewed two of these, but I decided to hold off on reviewing the “Hex” until we got closer to fall.  I mean check out the label.  That just screams autumn.  Additionally, I didn’t want to bombard my readers with three reviews from the same company.  So I didn’t even shave with the “Hex” for the first two months I had it.  Well, once I finally started using the “Hex” shaving soap, I knew my assumptions (like they tend to be) were way off.  What’s that old saying about assuming…

Just like the other Dr. Jon’s shaving soaps I’ve tried, the depth and complexity of the scents extend well beyond what you might expect them to be. What I found with the "Hex" is that it's actually a fantastic summer shaving soap!  The citrus, the cedar, the peppercorn all blends so well. As a side note, I discovered that Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet is the perfect compliment too. I'm really excited to see how the fragrance of this soap performs going into the fall as well.

This soap is a little denser and harder than some of the other soaps I've tried, but having talked to the folks from Dr. Jon's before I know that each soap variety is a little different as a result of how those specific essential and fragrance oils blend with the soap. If you've used Dr. Jon's soaps before, then lathering and shave performance are exactly what you've come to love and expect. If you haven't used these soaps before, rest assured that this a top-notch product worthy of even the most discriminating shave dens.

If I could change anything about the "Hex" shaving soap, I would make the scent stronger. It's not weak, it's just more subtle than some of the other soaps I've tried from Dr. Jon's. However, I want every soap to dominate my entire shaving area with fragrance. So it's all a matter of personal preference.

As I already said, Dr. Jon's "Hex" shaving soap is as good as any of their soaps, and it deserves a spot on your shelf. This one also happens to be the perfect fragrance for the upcoming five months.


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