Mack Weldon Vs. MeUndies: A Comparison

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Ok, let’s talk about something most guys don’t discuss with each other.  Underwear.  We all wear it.  We all need it.  So why not include it on a style blog?  There have been quite a few newcomers to the men’s underwear market, and I’d like to take a look at two of the most popular recent entrants, Mack Weldon and MeUndies.  I’ve been wearing both over the past year, and wanted to be supportive (pun intended) by offering my thoughts on the two brands.  First and foremost, this is not an endorsement of either brand over the other.  While they do have some similarities, I think they are quite different and each are highly recommended depending on what you look for in a pair of skivvies.

Mack Weldon

I have found that these are very supportive underwear with a solid design and sturdy construction.  However, due to that supportive nature and solid craftsmanship, they can be a little constricting after a full day’s wear.  I would consider Mack Weldon as falling on the more traditional end of the spectrum with a varied selection of colors to choose.  They have also recently added some brighter colors and patterns to the line-up.  MW creates their underwear with a blend of cotton, modal and lycra, which provides an excellent, breathable material.  This material is on the thicker side, so you definitely know when you’re wearing a pair.  The tagless, comfortable waistband is one of the star characteristics, keeping these underwear exactly where you want them.  Additional, the Mack Weldon boxer-briefs, trunks and briefs all sport a working, vertical fly.


If Mack Weldon doesn’t seen like your thing, I would definitely suggest giving MeUndies a try.  These underwear are less structured.  However, I found them to still be supportive and more “form-adjusting”.  MeUndies also offers a wide range of bright colors and wild patterns, including a subscription program that brings you their newest patterns every month.  The modal and elasthane blend creates a very light fabric that is hardly noticeable and keeps you sweat-free.  MeUndies also utilizes an environmentally-friendly production process that is carbon neutral.  While the thinner waistband is less intrusive, I did find that it would roll occasionally.  One last point of note is that the boxer-briefs, trunks and briefs to not offer a fly.  

As I said before, I highly recommend both brands.  If you’re looking for a more traditional pair of underwear with solid construction and support, take a look at Mack Weldon.  However, if you like more fun, eclectic, contemporary style, lighter feel, aren’t bothered by the absence of a fly, MeUndies may be the brand for you.


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