Weekend Reading

Yikes! What a week! Honestly, I was just happy I was able to get out one post this week. My kids were off from school different days. One school recognized Columbus Day, and one Yom Kippur. I’m not sure how that worked out, but the end result was me spending two days at The Franklin Institute in one week. They both got to choose where we they wanted to spend the day with me, and they both choose the same place. I love The Franklin Institute, but seeing the same exhibits twice in one week was a bit much.

I also went downtown on Tuesday to have some items altered at Suitsupply. I had recently ordered this sport coat and these trousers, and they just needed a few minor touches to finish them up. I’m relatively new to Suitsupply, but so far I have nothing but great things to say about my experiences there. I hope to try to work with them in the future.

Thursday was spent writing, and Friday was reserved for some errands. Right now, it’s close to 7:00 and I’m finally getting the chance to work on this post. Luckily “Weekend Reading” is mostly based on the hard work of others, haha!

Boy? Girl? It doesn’t matter. This is one hell of a hit!

These sneakers are a necessity!

Sick of irritating razor burn?

I sampled this fragrance on Friday. One of the cleanest vetivers I’ve ever smelled!

Is there anything The Rock isn’t funny doing?

I’ll file this post by Mark under YMMV. Every product is different for different people.

If you haven't tried a shirt from Twillory yet, you have to give them a shot. Everyone needs one more white shirt.

One step closer to The Federation.

It’s amazing to see how far video game graphics have come.