Outfit Inspiration: Three Cable Knit Sweater Looks for Fall

Here’s your daily dose of morbidity. Cable knit sweaters may have been originally developed to help identify the bodies of drowned sailors that washed up on beaches helping their families. Of course the cable patterns were also included for superstitious and practical reasons too. The knits were believed to keep fishermen safe to bring home a good catch and keep the sailors warm as well. Over time cable knit sweaters (or jumpers depending on which side of the pond you live) have spanned the style spectrum from rugged casual wear to stylish luxury.

I pulled together three looks for today’s outfit inspiration to show how versatile these classic sweaters can be. And these are just a few looks for colder weather too. There are plenty of lightweight, cotton cable knits that work for spring and summer that I haven’t included here.


Rugged Casual

I think I could wear this look all day, every day during fall. First of all, I’m a jeans guy. I have to active force myself out of that box and try wearing different pants, but my comfort zone is always jeans. I also love the multiple shades of blue layered, with the oxblood boots. The dark red leather is a unique standout against the monochromatic clothes.

Jeans: J. Crew  //  Sweater: Bonobos

Shirt: Brooks Brothers  //  Belt: 1901  //  Boots: Red Wing


Comfortable Casual

I like this look because it has a slight military take on it. I think some of the best menswear trends have been military-inspired, like the trench coat. This one is a bit more casual than some other “uniform” looks, but the soul is there, right?

Chinos: Bonobos  //  Sweater: Roberto Collina

Undershirt: Mack Weldon  //  Shoes: New Balance for J. Crew  //  Belt: Lacoste


Dressy Casual

Do you have some family holiday events coming up? Are you tired of wearing the same blue blazer and khakis? This corduroy and cardigan look is your ticket to stepping away from what you’ve worn the past ten years. Wearing a cardigan sweater with a dress shirt is a fantastic substitute for a blazer, especially in situations where a sport coat isn’t study necessary.

Pants: Vineyard Vines  //  Sweater: Brooks Brothers

Boots: Allen Edmonds  //  Belt: Bosca  //  Shirt: Twillory