Tcheon Fung Sing TFS "Corte Sabauda" Shaving Soap and Aftershave Review

Wow, that’s quite a mouthful isn’t it? But what that all boils down to, without being too over-simplistic, is an Italian style sandalwood shaving soap and aftershave splash. The fragrance for these two products include other notes like patchouli and vetiver, but sandalwood is the dominant base note. Sandalwood is a tricky fragrance. It can be manipulated in so many ways from a deep, rich, woodsy note to a softer, creamier one. The “Corte Sabauda” sandalwood is a new variation to me. This is a sweet, creamy sandalwood, which is why I like it so much this time of year. I think the fragrance can shine on warmer days and hold its own when the mercury drops. I would enjoy this fragrance any time from March through November.

Shaving Soap

This shaving soap is so Italian it even looks like polenta. I kid, but that was the first thing I thought when I opened the tub. The soap is yellow and has a slight sponge-like quality to it, but that in no way affects its performance. In fact it adds to the hand-crafted charm. I found that all of my brushes were effortlessly easy to load, but my Italian boar brush worked best with this Tcheon Fung Sing shaving soap. Additionally, the over-sized tub makes brush loading even easier. I have no trouble producing lather with extreme slickness and well above-average cushion. Personally, I think this shaving soap tips the scales on the slickness side. While the cushion is good, glide is where this soap really shines.


The "Corte Sabauda" aftershave is an absolutely fantastic post-shave product. This is one of my favorite aftershaves to use. While not a menthol beast by any means, the hint that is present does a nice job of cooling my skin post-shave. My skin feels exceptional after using this aftershave too, just so soft and smooth. In this case that the addition of the complementary aftershave shave makes the entire shave better. However, my favorite feature of this aftershave is the fragrance; It lasts and lasts. It’s not an EdT or an EdP by any means, but at the end of the day I still pick up traces of fragrance. I can’t think of too many other aftershaves that perform like that!

I used the TFS “Corte Sabauda” shaving gear a lot this summer. It was definitely one of my go-tos. If you’re looking for an EdT to pair with this amazing shaving set, this is it! Unfortunately, I didn’t discover this surprising pairing until later in the summer, but rest assured, I’ll be wearing this fragrance a lot more in the future. I highly recommend the Tcheon Fung Sing “Corte Sabauda” shaving soap and aftershave. They’re top performing products with a sandalwood-inspired fragrance crafted in the Italian tradition.