Weekend Reading

What a week. What a f@#king week! I think just about everyone is ready for a weekend right about now. I’ve been watching news and reading twitter way too much for my own good. With so much negativity being put into the world, I need to take a step back and find some things to boost my spirits instead of inundating myself with a cacophony of hot takes, tweets, and television talk shows. That’s why this Weekend Reading post will not include a single political story. This post is meant to be a break for me, and a break for you.

Poor Max, but Robbie played it off well.

Loving this double monk on sale!

One of the things I love about traditional wet shaving is the cost. But here are some great products if you’re looking to save even more.

This has been my moisturizer of choice lately. No oil, no shine. Love it!

I may not be able to afford any Cucinelli, but I can certainly appreciate and adopt some of these style tips.

Yep. Gonna need these.

Two great posts on what dressing up means today. One from He Spoke Style, and one from Parisian Gentleman.

I had to push my review back, but I would grab one of the last few of these shave brushes at this price if I were you.

I can get drawn into reading The Suits of James Bond for hours, but if you’re interested in seeing how a few small changes can dramatically affect how your suit looks, read this.

This is a fantastic layering outerwear vest for colder months.

Sometimes I just need a little blogging motivation. This post was so helpful.

Classics. All of them. Every single one.