Caron "Yatagan" Eau de Toilette Review

Are you struggling to find a scent that works for you? It seems that recently the world of men’s fragrance is being dominated by pineapple, mint, and oud. There is nothing inherently wrong with any of these notes, but I struggle to find something that stands out from the current wave of unisex fragrances. (*cough* Aventus, I’m looking at you *cough*) I had included the Caron “Yatagan” EDT in my fall essentials post, but I figured that it also deserved its own review as it’s something of a “lost amongst the weeds” fragrance these days.

I recently disclosed to a group of friends that I wear cologne almost every day. The looks of shock and surprise I received in return forced me to question the interaction. I think most men appreciate when their partner smells enticing, but do little or nothing to balance the fragrance equation in return. As I pondered the reasons for this I came up with a few why this might be the case. I think most men are put off by the language of fragrance. Words like cologne, eau de toilette (in a snooty French accent, of course), or, God forbid, parfum and perfume convey a softness or lack of masculinity that some men fear. Additionally, I think men are wary of smelling too floral or sweet, especially if their experience with fragrance is limited to only women.

Fortunately, there are eau de toilettes like Caron “Yatagan”. Created in the 1970s, this fragrance comes roaring out of that decade with notes of wood, leather, and castoreum. If The Bandit had a signature scent, this would be it. If Paul Bunyan had a signature scent, this would be it. If there was an official fragrance for Movember, this would be the one. There is no question, this is a man’s fragrance. It exudes sex, chest hair, and sweat (all in a good way).

Two words of caution when wearing Yatagan. First, while this is “only” an eau de toilette, it is potent and should be worn more like an eau de parfum. Two sprays, three at most, are all that are required to keep this scent going all day long and into the night. Second, this is exclusively a cold-weather fragrance. I would think this a cologne would be unbearable in the summer. Heat tends to amplify fragrances, and this is one fragrance that doesn’t need any amplification.

If you’re looking for something a little more masculine this winter or if you’ve been afraid to venture into the world of men’s fragrance for fear of smelling like a patch of flowers, give “Yatagan” by Caron a shot. Just don’t blame me when you turn heads and receive compliments. (On second thought, yes, do blame me.)