Gift Guide: The Wet Shaving Man

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Not me. I’m still working on ideas. I think most guys are still in the “idea” stage at this point. Or maybe you’re just leaving the gift-buying up to someone else this year. Starting today I’m going to give bring some help to your holiday shopping procrastination. I’m going to publish four gift guides this week. The initial goal is to obviously assist with the holiday shopping, but these are guides that can be used year-round whenever you need a little gift giving inspiration.

This wet shaving guide is a little tricky. About 75% of my readers are men, and most traditional wet shavers are men. Men don’t typically give gifts to other men, especially when it comes to grooming products. However, there are several situations where I have found it common for men to give other men shaving gifts: gifts for fathers, gifts for boyfriends, and introductory gifts for sons. For me, when someone brings up the idea of giving a gift to another guy, I immediately think of my friends, whom I have never given a gift to outside of their weddings. But when I take a second look at it, there are plenty of guys to whom men feel comfortable giving gifts. I think that makes this guide more useful than it might initially appear. A second, and simpler, use for this guide is to simply send the link to anyone who might buy you a gift. Let them know that these are some of the things you would like if they plan on buying you anything. It might seem a little presumptuous to give someone a shopping list, but that’s not totally what this is. It’s more inspiration and suggestion than direction. Additionally, I have found that people generally prefer to give a gift confident that the recipient is going to like it.

These are some of my favorite products. I have chosen most based on mass appeal as well as ease of use for new wet shavers. Experienced wet shavers know there are some products out there that take a certain level of skill to use. These are not those products. These are products a relatively new wet shaver can pick up and immediately use for a decent first shave. Perfect for gifts and stocking stuffers.