Some of My Favorite Scent Combinations Part 1

Ok, so when I was putting this post together, I discovered that I have more than a few favorite scent combinations. In fact, I came up with nine! So this will be my first two-part post.

Sometimes I choose a shaving soap for performance. Sometimes I choose for simplicity. Sometimes I choose my cologne independent of my shaving soap and aftershave. But most time, I want the fragrances to align. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer offers a full line across their brand. In order to get the scents I’m looking for, I’ve had to piece together some products from different manufacturers. I wanted to share those with you, in case you’re looking for some fragrantly matching products too.


Tabac Shaving Soap

Barberry Coast Shave Co. “Havana” Aftershave Splash

Barberry Coast Shave Co. “Havana” Aftershave Balm

Burberry “London” EDT

Maybe it’s because I’m an occasional cigar smoker, but there’s something so masculine about a good tobacco fragrance. Tabac is obviously the first name in tobacco scents, but I love pairing it with the ultra-nourishing aftershaves from Barberry Coast (available in both a splash and a balm). And the Burberry London smells like it was made to blend with Barberry Coast. Hell, even their names are similar. Featuring a mix of tobacco and vanilla, this is a combo with which you can’t go wrong.

Special Night Out

Barrister & Mann “Leviathan” Shaving Soap

Barrister & Mann “Leviathan” Aftershave Splash

Guerlain L'Instant Pour Homme EDT

Date night rolls around and you want something a little extra for going out. This is the pairing you need. With notes of coffee, chocolate, and Russian leather (I know, but it works so well!) Leviathan and L’Instant will definitely send the message that tonight is not like every other night.

(Just a word of caution. Leviathan is a seasonal offering from B&M. Make sure pick it up when it’s available.)

Lunch Date

Barrister & Mann “Lavanille” Shaving Soap

Barrister & Mann “Lavanille” Aftershave Splash

Caron “Pour Un Homme” EDT

According to Caron, in 1934, the House of Caron developed the first cologne exclusively designed for men. (Though I think Penhaligon's would beg to differ) Barrister & Mann’s “Lavanille” pays tribute to that groundbreaking cologne. The two together are a masterpiece of the softer side of masculinity. The blend of lavender, and vanilla is decidedly refreshing without being too invasive. The perfect combination for an afternoon together.

Classic Italian

Razorock “XXX” Shaving Soap

Folsom “Capri” Aftershave Splash

Acqua Di Parma “Colonia” EDT

I don’t give Razorock enough love on the blog. They make fantastic soaps, and “XXX” is one of my favorites. I went to Italy in high school, and this combination takes me back to strolling through the streets of Capri and Sorrento with my friends looking for the perfect tartufo. For all the casualness that goes along with sprezzatura, there is a certain air of sophistication buried within that shows its face here.

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