Casual Rainy Day Chills

Nothing can make me want to stay in bed all day more than checking my phone in the morning only to see a one hundred percent chance of a cold, rainy, dreary day. Unfortunately today was one of those days. Even more unfortunate, I had a couple of meetings (in different locations, no less!) and a few errands to run. Like most people, I like to stay warm and dry, I also like to look sharp. Personally I find the mix of a casual outfit with one or two more formal pieces, can elevate the whole look. While still remaining casual, the style is pronounced. And all you have to do is pair a piece that you normally wouldn’t wear in a casual setting. It could be a tie, a sport coat; for me today it was double breasted trench coat.

We tend to associate double breasted trench coats with suits and formal attire. To me the most iconic image of a trench coat like this is Humphrey Bogart in one of my all-time favorite movies, Casablanca. The trick with a pairing like this is contrast. Here, I chose a light-colored coat with dark jeans, dark boots, and a dark sweater. I think highlighting the piece that stands out draws a little attention to it. This acknowledges that you are aware of the unconventional pairing and made the decision confidently. Half the battle in pulling off a stylish outfit is confidence. Confidence affects your body language, posture, etc. In turn, those things affect how your clothes fall across your body. Confidence will make any outfit look better, especially a bold one.

Get the Look:

Trench Coat: Topman  //  Shirt: Twillory  //  Belt: J. Crew

Boots: Red Wing  //  Sweater: J. Crew  //  Jeans: J. Crew


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