Winter Workout Gear

If you follow Tailor & Barber on Instagram or Snapchat (tailorandbarber on both), you may have caught a glimpse of my sunroom-turned-home gym. Ok, so it’s not really a home gym, rather a place with a mat where I swing my kettlebells. But my kettlebells are important. They’re a key part of my morning routine. I’ve also added a little running to my workout regimen, just to break up the monotony and so I have time to listen to The Martian. Unfortunately, this time of year, things can get more than a little chilly on mornings spent outside.

Over the past year, I’ve accumulated a full, weekly rotation of cold weather exercise gear, and I figured it would probably be a good idea to share it.

I’ve worn a couple different minimalist shoes over the years between kettlebells and Crossfit. I even tried working out barefoot for a while. But these Nikes are my favorite gym shoe right now. The give me support with a flat base that keeps me locked in during my swings and stable during my Turkish get-ups. Under Armour’s ColdGear line is about as good as it gets for compression gear. These shirts keep me warm and stay out of the way of the kettlebell.

I think Patagonia makes some of the best baselayer gear around. Their midweight Capilene pants and R1 pullover are some of my favorite pieces. The R1 is warm enough on it’s own most days. On those days in the twenties and teens, I’ll layer the Under Armour ColdGear under my R1, but that’s usually overkill. And no matter what the workout, I’ll be sporting my Filson wool cuff cap.

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