Dorco Prime Starter Kit Review and Promo Code

Dorco Starter Kit Review and Promo Code

Years ago, when I first started wet shaving with a safety razor, I knew WHY I wanted to start, but I didn’t know WHERE to start. I chose traditional wet shaving because I had grown tired of ingrown hairs, nicks, skin irritations, and all sorts of breakouts directly related to cartridge razors and chemical-laden shaving products. What I did not know is how much I would actually enjoy the process or that I would start writing about it to encourage others.

Like I said, the bigger issue was figuring out where to start. I browsed around on the internet for a while before discovering some of my favorite YouTube channels like Mantic59 and Geofatboy. After that I read reviews, scoured Amazon, and looked at just about every site I could find. I’ve said before that I think the hardest part of starting traditional wet shaving is actually getting started. Dorco has put together a great starter kit making this process significantly easier.

The first thing I noticed before tearing into my new Dorco Prime Starter Kit was the quality of the packaging. Aesthetics are important to me. They convey the attitude and appreciation a company has for their product. Chances are if the packaging is shit, the contents inside will be too. And, most likely, I won’t be valued as a customer either. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but that’s my take. Anyway, the packaging for the Dorco Prime Starter Kit is fantastic. Solid, sturdy, sharp looking.

Upon opening the Dorco Prime Starter Kit, I discovered it was packed with goodies. First and foremost was, a classic and sophisticated chrome butterfly razor. Followed by thirty blades and a travel case. For only $25, I think this is an exceptional value.

The travel case is designed to hold the safety razor and a few blades; plenty for most trips. The mirror inside the travel case is probably a little too small for daily shaving, but it could definitely be used in a pinch. If you’re looking to travel light, pack this starter kit up, toss in a shave stick and a travel brush, and you’re off. I think this case is so efficient, you could even take it camping.

The Dorco blades are high quality as well. I think they are a great entry point for new wet shavers because, to me, they fall in the middle of the road on both sharpness and comfort. They’re highly comfortable and sharp enough to get the job done. But not too sharp to get yourself into trouble.

I really enjoyed using the butterfly razor too. It’s mild, but extremely comfortable. I think this razor is perfect for two sets of people. Obviously, first is the new wet shaver. This razor and included blades provide a comfortable shave with an easy learning curve that can help anyone pick up this gentlemanly routine. The second group of people I think the Dorco Prime Starter Kit would suit are those looking to round out the finer points of their shave. Maybe you’re having trouble getting around your chin or neckline and want to experiment with blade angles. Or maybe you want to take a stab at nailing that against the grain (ATG) pass. This is the razor (and blades) will help you perfect those steps. Whether you’re a wet shaving newbie or a veteran, you will find value in this razor.

Dorco has also generously offered a 20% discount, exclusive to all Tailor & Barber readers. Enter the code TBPRIME20 at checkout to claim this promo. This is valid now through 8/15/2016.


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