Razorock Plissoft "Monster" 26mm Synthetic Shaving Brush Review

Buried under all that lather somewhere is the "Monster".

Throughout the annals of traditional wet shaving lore, there are a certain number of products to which one could refer as “holy grails”. These are products which hold captive the minds, imaginations, and wallets of wet shavers the world over. From original tallow-based formulations of shaving soaps, to discontinued fragrances, to incredibly hard-to-find gear, these “holy grails” can turn this hobby (which arguably saves money) into an expensive, and often times fruitless, wild goose chase. Fortunately, several companies have developed the skills to re-create these sought after products, and none have done it better and more frequently than Razorock.

Whether it’s with their much-celebrated Stealth Slant razor or with their shaving soaps based on timeless colognes like Al Sapone and XXX, Razorock has gone to great lengths to give their customers exceptional value on highly regarded products. With their newest release, the Plissoft line of synthetic shaving brushes, Razorock has done it again.

The name of this brush, “Monster”, is acutely apropos. The knot is huge, densely packed with supremely comfortable bristles and high. Like really high. The loft of this knot is only a few millimeters shy of the loft of the Omega “Big Pro” brush. And this enormous knot isn’t just for show. The brush holds a ton of lather. Razorock boasts that the “Monster” can hold enough lather for four or five passes, and it can. Maybe more. Some of you might ask, “What good does that do me? I never do more than three.” Well, consider touchups and re-shaving missed patches. With this brush, you never need worry about running out of lather again.

Speaking of lather, this might be one of the easiest to use brushes I’ve ever tested. A quick soak, a single shake, and this brush is prepped and ready to load. And after about a minute of light swirls on my shaving soap, I would have, like Razorock said, enough lather for four or five passes...and then some. Soft croaps, creams, hard artisan soaps, triple-milled soaps, tallow, veggie, it doesn’t matter. This brush took them all and gave me some killer lather in return.

I have just a couple final thoughts on this brush. First, this has honestly become my daily go-to brush. I use it more frequently than anything else, and you will probably see it show up in a lot of Instagram pictures. Second, this brush is currently on sale through ItalianBarber.com for $10.99 (marked down from $16.99). This brush is an AMAZING value at either of those prices! I highly, highly recommend buying one of these before they are sold out.


Tailor & Barber