Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading

It’s been a quieter week around here. My wife took our daughter up to New York for a few days (her first trip!). They’re visiting Dylan’s Candy Bar, the American Girl store, and something called The Gazillion Bubble Show. She actually got to go on stage, and loved it. This girl so amazing. I wish I had her fearlessness. She’s six going on thirty, insisting they ride in a taxi because that’s what you do in NYC. She wouldn’t even let my wife order an Uber, it had to be a yellow taxi. I’m fairly certain she’ll move there someday. She not only has the toughness to live there, but also the adventurous nature to thrive.

So I’m home with the four-year-old mini-tornado and four dogs, trying to keep everyone from destroying the house. They will be home tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to spending my weekend hearing her stories of the first (of many) trips to the big city. Oh, and watching the Spanish Grand Prix.

1. Many of us are dealing with it, so why not get some advice from the experts?

2. Twillory is running their STOCKUP promo again, with all new spring releases! These are some of my favorite shirts, and 4 for $199 is a steal!

3. As a Philadelphia fan, I so appreciated this article.

4. I’ve been testing this face wash recently, and can’t get enough! It might be my new favorite.

5. I went to Bermuda for my honeymoon. Grace went recently. It’s easily one of my favorite places, and so close (to the East Coast at least).

6. If you have a few summer weddings this year, and don’t want to wear the same summer suit to each, Brooks Brothers has a great sale (2 for $899) running this weekend!

7. Everyone should have a navy suit in their closet. Gabi has some great tips on how to wear it!

8. Another stellar review of Fine Accoutrements’ new shaving soap. I really need to get my hands on a puck.

9. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t make a comeback.

10. Warmer weather means summer scents. This shaving soap is probably the best of the bunch.

What do you have on tap this weekend?


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