Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading

It’s been a pretty mild week. I watched a terrible movie. Soap Commander re-opened for business (Congrats!). It rained too much. I think the most exciting thing this week was that insane first lap of the Spanish Grand Prix! But other than that, not too much happened around here. I’m thankful for weeks like these. They’re few and far between, but usually much needed when they do arrive. We’re watching two family dogs this week, so that means five dogs total here, plus two kids, plus two adults. We needed an easy week to manage all that. It looks like this weekend is more of the same, so here’s a few things to get you started on a relaxing few days.

1. I honestly wasn’t too excited about this...until I heard the music at the end.

2. A little over a week into my new skincare regimen, and I’m thrilled so far. It’s a little pricey, but seems worth it.

3. I’ve only tried one of the five on Sharpologist’s list. Looks like I need to branch out a little.

4. I love this pen cup. I need this on my desk.

5. Juli’s recipes are fantastic, and these skewers look delicious!

6. I just got a new wallet a few weeks ago. Big decision. Took me about a year to decide. A wallet is with you for a while. I finally settled on this one. The leather is starting to break in, but I know it will be years before that patina develops. Some things just take a little more time.

7. I just discovered I could listen to podcasts on Spotify, and it freed up about 2 GB on my phone.

8. You know what my shave den is missing? A gold-finished razor.

9. How many of these skills did you have at 18? How many do you have now, honestly?

10. I need a pair of shoes that I can wear when it’s a little wet out.


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