The Sperry X JAWS Shoes Collection

The Sperry X JAWS Shoes Collection

You’re gonna need a bigger closet.

I’ve written before about my first time watching “Jaws” and how that traumatic experience sparked a love for the movie that I’ve carried with me to this day. For my friends and me, this is one of those quotable films that never tires.  If someone makes a “Jaws” reference, I almost feel compelled to come back with another line. If “Jaws” is on tv, the remote goes down. When I saw the Sperry was running a limited release inspired by the original summer blockbuster, I knew I would be getting a pair.

I’m not one for graphically-intense clothing. So, the CVO sneaker based on the original sneaker from the film was exactly what I was looking for. If you’re comfortable with something a little bolder, Sperry does have three more options that might suit you. Just because I went for a simpler shoe, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate some quality flair. The packaging with this shoe is perfection. From the artwork on the shoebox, to the “bloody water” tissue paper, to the amusing “Quint’s Shark Charter” insert piece, I loved every minute of receiving and unpacking these shoes.

In addition to the movie affiliation and the packaging, these are simply great summer shoes too. They pair well with shorts. They pair well with chinos. They pair well with lighter jeans. I’ve got my sneakers, but when I want something a little bit different or when sneakers are just a little too casual, these are my go to shoes. They fall on the casual/formal spectrum somewhere between sneakers and loafers.

This is a limited run by Sperry, so I don't know how long they will be available. And if for some reason you haven’t seen “Jaws”, please do yourself a favor, and go watch.


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