Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading

I don’t usually look forward to the weekend too much. Working from home means weekends are spent in the same place as weekdays. But at least the kids are home from school, and we usually find some fun activities for them. This weekend, however, is very welcome. I re-started Crossfit this week after a two and a half year break (I’ll probably write about why in the coming weeks). This week was rough on my body. I’m sore, bruised, scraped, and I love it. But I really needed rest. On top of that, this is a killer sports weekend. I’m hoping for some time to take in a little Euro 2016, the Canadian Grand Prix, the NBA Finals, and the Stanley Cup Finals.

What do you have planned this weekend? Which sport are you taking some time for?

1. First things first. Father’s Day is next weekend. Sharpologist has a wonderful shaving gift guide put together.

2. Beach season is officially here. I love this swim suit and this one!

3. From the moment Brian announced this, I was looking forward to the write-up. So jealous!

4. On cool summer nights a cotton, cable-knit sweater is the perfect way to keep a little warm without overheating.

5. I like Don Draper, but I have a real affinity for Jon Hamm. The guy is all class.

6. Make sure you’re moisturizing and using an SPF on your face this summer.

7. Do you like buying shaving soaps based on famous scents? Is this good for the industry?

8. My favorite sunglasses. And they’re $30 off at Gilt right now!

9. I can’t argue with a single one of these habits.

10. Few fragrances suit me better in the summer than Blenheim.

11. Allow me to dork out for a minute but...finally!


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