Penhaligon’s “Blenheim Bouquet” Review

For more than a century, Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet has wafted through the halls of Buckingham Palace and lingered in the air hovering on the streets of St. James. This iconic fragrance has been worn by celebrities and royalty alike. Blenheim is a fantastic summer scent, and I have found that it in fact is wearable throughout the year. Personally, I think it is impossible to dislike this fragrance, although a few people do. I attribute that to the strong citrus opening which may be a bit much for those with delicate noses, but I love it.

I’ve owned the Blenheim Bouquet Eau de Toilette for several years now (even though I’m just getting around to reviewing it), but I wanted to try the full Blenheim experience, so I picked up a few more flanker products in the line.

Initial Thoughts

Penhaligon’s packaging is phenomenal. This is probably the best packaging I have seen for any grooming products. I know packaging doesn’t equate to how a product performs, but it does show the respect and appreciation a company has for their customers. Additionally, when purchasing products like those from Penhaligon’s, which are on the pricey side, a little luxury helps convey the sense that you purchased something special. Penhaligon’s also exceeded my needs with exceptional customer service. I ordered some items, had to cancel quickly, then reordered a few days later. I had rushed my initial order then realized I wanted to change. The Pen’s team didn’t miss a beat. They were so helpful and accommodating. I felt truly valued as a customer.

Shaving Soap

The Blenheim Bouquet shaving soap is very good, but not quite great. Every shave I had with this soap was high quality. But this soap just seems to fall slightly short of those few soaps that force you to stand back and say, “Wow!”. I don’t mean this as an insult to the folks over at Penhaligon’s. This is without-a-doubt an upper tier veggie-based shaving soap. The slickness is there. The fragrance is there. But the cushion is a slightly lacking and somewhat thin. The old tallow version of this soap was supposedly fantastic; while the reformulations prior to this newest one were not very good. Nonetheless, it appears Penhaligon’s is getting back on track making wonderful shaving products.

Aftershave Balm

The most immediate feature of this aftershave balm I noticed was the fragrance. It reflects the top citrus notes of the cologne. This is ideal for pairing with the cologne, as the EdT will pick up where the aftershave balm leaves off. If you like the Blenheim Bouquet cologne, you will love this balm. This balm is somewhat thicker than other aftershave balms, and as such, it takes a little longer to absorb. But it’s a fantastic healer and moisturizer. Personally, I might try the aftershave splash next time, or use the splash in the summer and the balm in the winter.

Eau de Toilette

This is the quintessential British fragrance. I won’t ever not own this. It’s not ostentatious, not flamboyant, but not reserved and boring either. Blenheim Bouquet strikes the perfect balance between refined and sexy, walking the line between those two masterfully. Ideal for board meetings, power lunches, weekend relaxing, or just running errands this cologne will last throughout the day. In the evening, switch over to Endymion or Opus 1870 without missing a beat. If you want to own a classic cologne, one that’s been worn in some of the most important rooms of the twentieth century, pick up a bottle of Blenheim Bouquet today. While you’re at it, grab the shaving soap and aftershave balm too.


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