On the Simple, White Sneaker

On Sunday night I was picking up some takeout dinner for the family. The whole meal was F’d up because the online order never reached the restaurant, and I had to wait another forty minutes while they cooked our dinner. As annoying as that was, it gave me the time to engage on one of my favorite activities: people watching. One of the trends I noticed permeating the crowd walking through the restaurant were these thick, chunky-soled, white sneakers. The way I look at it, if Steph Curry is going to catch flak for these, and Steve Carell gets it for his 407s, they’re probably not a stylish choice for you either.

Here’s the thing. Sometimes you want a basic, clean sneaker. They look great with jeans. They look great with shorts. They’re comfortable, easy, and quick to throw on and off. But I think minimal, low profile is the way to go. They shouldn’t be the focal point of your outfit (for good or bad reasons). In my opinion, shoes are an accessory, albeit an important one. They help accentuate and frame your style, not define it.

Converse “Jack Purcells”

These are my go to white sneaker. They are timeless, simple, and classic. One of my favorite features are the metal lace caps. I hate frayed laces, and replacement laces are never as good as the originals. On my last pair, the soles wore down before the laces ever did.


These are the most casual on the list. Perfect for a day at the beach or running out to get your morning coffee and paper. The slip on makes them a perfect warm weather shoe. Spicoli would be proud.

Adidas “Stan Smiths”

If you wants something with a little color, and if you want to stick to a more traditional sneaker, these throwbacks to the 70s are your perfect choice.


These Italian classics have been in style for almost a century. If you’re going to take anyone’s word on the art of casual style, take it from the Italians.


Converse “Chuck Taylors” (Low / High)

What collection of white sneakers would be complete without a nod to those mainstays, Chuck Taylors. With low and high top options, these are the iconic American sneaker. I think the lows are a more casual, while the highs are a bit trendier.

Oh, and don’t forget the no-show socks.


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