Weekend Reading: July 29, 2016

Oh man, it’s been a few weeks since I put a weekend reading together. I was having trouble finding articles which I found interesting. I‘m sure they were there, I just couldn't see them. Then, suddenly, great reading material was everywhere! So let's get right to this super-sized edition of Weekend Reading.

  1. I really want to commend Megan for this month's “Letter from the Editor”.

  2. I bought these shoes this week, and haven't stopped wearing them!

  3. Somehow I don’t see this going as planned. (Life...uh...finds a way.)

  4. I’m all about Floris lately.

  5. If you haven’t checked out “Stranger Things” on Netflix yet, I highly, highly recommend it.

  6. Did you see that Twillory added two new shirts? Purple/Blue Check and Blue Dobby.

  7. Love me some Ken Griffey Jr.! (Check out the full speech here.)

  8. I’m also completely obsessed with these shorts. They are perfect for casual days around the house.

  9. This is one of the best product reviews from Sharpologist.

  10. Some killer jeans for only $80!

  11. Never dress for others.

  12. Fall is coming. Do you have your Tabac?

  13. If you’re still looking for that perfect summer fragrance, The Rake has a fantastic piece for you.

  14. A classic aftershave at a fantastic price.

  15. This is the best synopsis of Game of Thrones I’ve ever seen. (Warning: Spoilers and NSFW)

  16. Make sure you check out my picks from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. It’s still going on!


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