Jimmy Choo Man Eau de Toilette Review

If you’re someone like me who reads probably hundreds of grooming product and fragrance-related reviews a week, then you can understand how I can sometimes become scent-blind to quality fragrances. I was reminded of this phenomenon when I took a look at the Jimmy Choo Man EDT. Jimmy Choo graciously sent me bottles of both the Jimmy Choo Man EDT and the Jimmy Choo Man Intense EDP to review this summer in anticipation of the latter’s release this September. I’ll have my review of the new Intense out later this month, but I wanted to go over the original prior to that post.

I think sometimes, because it is exciting when it happens, I expect every fragrance I try to blow me away with something that I’ve never smelled before. In reality, that is impossible. And let’s not forget what the purpose of fragrance is...to smell good! So I’ve been really trying to get myself out of the mindset of comparing products one to another, looking for that perfect product...because it doesn’t exist. Whether it’s with cologne, shaving soap, shaving cream, aftershave, etc. I want to look at each product for what it is.

Jimmy Choo Man is an enticing casual mens fragrance. A lot of the research I did pointed to this being a summer fragrance, but I think it works even better as a late summer/early fall cologne. The opening is packed with bright pineapple and melon, and is overall pretty sweet. I think the opening is what triggers that summer fragrance designation. However, this fragrance then settles into a base featuring some light leather and florals. I think it’s this warmer base which makes Jimmy Choo Man ideal for August, September, and October.

I typically get somewhere between six to eight hours of longevity with this cologne too. This is exactly the right length of time I would expect for a casual, day-time fragrance. If I had to make some comparisons, I would describe Jimmy Choo Man as a cross between Creed Aventus and Caron Pour Homme, with those bright opening notes and floral undertones.

Is Jimmy Choo Man going to overpower your olfactory senses? No. But that’s not what it’s supposed to do. This cologne is something you can wear day in and day out, garner compliments, and always smell great.


Tailor & Barber