The Gentleman Floris "No. 89" Review

There are few brands with as much history as Floris. Founded in 1730 in London by Spanish immigrants, this iconic British perfumer was supplying Londoners half a century before the United States even existed. When you look at Floris, few fragrances carry as much significance as their flagship male fragrance, “No. 89”. This scent opens with a blast of citrus dominated by bitter bergamot. Once the citrus mellows, “No. 89” transforms into a perfect mixture of lush florals and soft woods, including cedar and sandalwood. As the story goes, this cologne was such a favorite of Ian Fleming that he mentioned it by name in several James Bond novels as the preferred fragrance of Bond. In the spirit of Casino Royale, I went all in on this one picking up, over time, the eau de toilette, shaving soap, shaving cream, aftershave balm, face wash, face scrub, moisturizer, eye cream, and body wash. I can’t seem to get enough of this fragrance. This might be a bit longer than some of my other posts, but I want to run through all the products in the Floris “No. 89” line. So, let’s get right to it.

Eau de Toilette

This is probably the most “gentlemanly” fragrance I’ve worn. It’s also quickly becoming my go-to/signature scent. What do I mean when I say “gentlemanly”? Well, this cologne exudes class. I feel more refined when I wear it. Maybe it’s the Bond lore, but this scent seems like something a proper gentleman would wear. “No. 89” opens strongly, but settles into a very comfortable base lasting all day on my skin. Appropriate for work or evenings, this is a cologne that should be in every guy’s rotation. (As always try to find a sample first if possible)

Shaving Soap

Unfortunately, this is the big disappointment of the the “No. 89” line. The lather falls apart so quickly that building any sort of cushion is impossible. I tried using a lot of water, a little water, blooming the soap, not blooming the soap, synthetic, boar, and badger brushes. Nothing worked. Surprisingly, what I was able to get on my face was incredibly slick. Using this soap was like shaving with a pre-shave oil. If Floris is in a reformulation phase, they are close. But as it stands now, I cannot recommend this shaving soap.

Shaving Cream

Thankfully, the Floris’ “No. 89” shaving cream is miles ahead of the shaving soap. This cream develops into a rich, creamy lather taking a good amount of water to build. Even with a very smooth glide, the exceptional cushion of this shaving cream is the real star. I also found that I was able to produce the best lathers with softer brushes which hold more water, specifically my Razorock Plissoft “Monster” Synthetic and my Wet Shaving Products “Prince” Silvertip Badger brushes.

Aftershave Balm

I’m not going to mince words here. This is simply one of the best aftershave balms I have ever used. It is incredibly nourishing, and absorbs super quickly with zero greasy feeling. I also enjoyed the touch of menthol which kicks in after a few minutes.

Face Wash

This is a very good fash wash with a fantastic fragrance. Normally I don’t care about fragrance in a face wash (unless it’s terrible), but this fragrance is something special. I think this face wash is probably better designed for someone with normal to dry or sensitive skin. I found it to be a bit mild for my combination skin. I usually need a cleanser with glycolic and/or salicylic acid to keep my skin clear.

Face Scrub

Using this face scrub was a unique experience for me. This is more of a cleansing cream with scrubbing particles mixed in. The exfoliation was perfect, but I liked to follow it up with the face wash just to help my skin along.


I really love this moisturizer. Not only is it amazingly lightweight, but it’s also extremely effective. If you’re looking for something simple to work into your nighttime skincare regimen, this is a great moisturizer to get you started.

Eye Cream

Dissimilar to the moisturizer, this eye cream is fairly intensive. It’s perfect for anyone with dark, weary skin around their eyes. Taking care of the skin under the eyes is an important step in a skin care routine that many guys choose to skip. That skin is some of the most sensitive on your face, and, as such, it needs a little TLC.

A quick note about the pump controls of both the moisturizer and the eye cream. I think this is one of my favorite features of these products. The pumps only dispense a small dose of product with each press, eliminating any excess waste. Considering these are some more expensive products, maintaining control on how much product I use is crucial to making every dollar spent count.

Body Wash

This body wash is exceptionally moisturizing, and I can feel the skin care effects all day long. I also think this body wash features the perfect amount of fragrance, laying a base that helps extend the longevity of the matching cologne all day long. Be forewarned, a very little dollop of gel goes a long, long way. Use less than you think you need and add more if you have to.

I’m a sucker for fragrance continuity in my grooming, and having a full product line based on one of the most iconic fragrances in British history is magnificent. I highly recommend all of the products in the Gentleman Floris “No. 89” product line, with the exception of the shaving soap. You’re definitely paying for luxury with these products, but in my opinion, it's luxury that’s worth the money.


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