Weekend Reading

How’s post Labor Day life treating everyone? It’s seems like things suddenly got very real this week with school, work projects, soccer practices, intense workouts, and everything else that was held off during the summer. Like a boiling pot that couldn't be contained any longer, life just had to return to productivity.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about Instagram for a second. Has anyone noticed the number of people chomping at the bit for fall? I’m excited for for sweaters and boots as much as the next person, but today was ninety-five degrees. It’s not fall yet. So let’s slow down with all the layers. There’s no way wearing that could be comfortable right now. Maybe in a few weeks, but not now. (Speaking of which, keep an eye out for my Fall Essentials post on Monday)

Class move here by the Nebraska football team.

The beast is coming. (Less than two weeks!)

Make sure you get some cologne to go with it.

Brian’s breakdown of shirt collars is like his style, practically flawless.

Looking forward to rocking this flannel this fall!

I found some great tips here in Antonio’s post.

Classic vs. New in an epic Sharpologist showdown.

If you need a pair of boots that you can wear with either a suit or a pair of jeans, look no further.

I always thought Paris was my ultimate vacation goal, now I know it’s actually all of France. Thanks, Grace!

Pretty obsessed with these fragrances lately.

Ever wonder what some ad campaigns are really saying? Sarah, and her incredibly brutal honesty, has it all figured out!