Weekend Reading

I haven’t written a Weekend Reading post in over a month, and it’s really something I want to get back into the habit of doing. I think they’re a great quick-hit way of passing on some great articles that I’ve found as well and sharing some of my favorite clothing and grooming products of the week.

The past month has been has been pretty hectic around here. We had a good week and a half where everyone in the house was sick. A couple stomach bugs, a couple flus, and several colds. Such is life when you have two young kids. We spent this week getting the house ready for a photo shoot for my sister-in-law. She’s working on getting a lifestyle brand off the ground, and wanted to use our house for some pictures. My wife and I  had been ignoring some substantial messes and clutter for a while, so this was just the impetus we needed to get our surroundings in order. I can’t express the feeling of freedom that comes with cleaning up your living space. We’re on a roll now, and I really want to keep this momentum going forward.

With the twenty-four hour news coverage of every event on the planet, we sometimes forget that there are real people behind the camera. This fantastic article from Mr Porter is a touching reminder.

Is a unique style still a unique style if everyone does it?

What are your thoughts on this article from Brian?

Sometimes Sharpologist steps outside the world of wet shaving. When it does, the results are usually wonderful.

Of course, Sharpologist still excels at its original mission too.

Check out the rest of the Fine Accoutrements products too.

Who can argue with the impact James Bond has had on the world of men’s style?

Here’s a few field jackets to get your spring Skyfall look started: from Charles Tyrwhitt, T. M. Lewin, and Brooks Brothers.

This video is a little long (18 minutes), but it’s fascinating!

Warm weather will be here before you know it. I’ve already broken out my drivers a few times. Here’s a great pair from To Boot New York.