Three Ways: The Navy Hopsack Sport Coat

Three Ways: The Navy Hopsack Sport Coat

With fall just around the corner, it’s time to start talking about transition pieces. And one of the most versatile items available is the navy hopsack sports jacket or sport coat. I grabbed this one for myself just the other day. The hopsack sports jacket is the perfect summer alternative to your traditional Brooks Brothers blazer type jacket. Hopsack is a fabric made from wool, but with a looser weave making it ideal for summer. Think of hopsack as the blue blazer of the summer. For example, I think wearing a navy blazer with jeans and a crisp white shirt is the perfect way to style up a simple outfit, but I wouldn’t wear it in August unless I wanted some major sweat problems.

What makes the hopsack jacket so versatile is that when the cooler fall weather sets in, you can continue to wear it with just a little layering or by wearing a heavier weight shirt like an oxford or a twill. So I’ve pulled together three outfits that can be worn right now, but with a little tweaking, they can last all the way to winter. Then, feel free to break out that blue blazer.


Navy Hopsack Jacket Casual Outfit

Jacket: Brooks Brothers  //  Chinos: Hardy Amies  //  Shirt: Brooks Brothers

Loafers: Roberto Cavalli  //  Belt: Mezlan  //  Sunglasses: Persol

Business Casual

Navy Hopsack Jacket Business Casual Outfit

Jacket: Brooks Brothers  //  Chinos: Todd Snyder  //  Shirt: Gitman

Loafers: Allen Edmonds  //  Socks: Lorenzo Uomo  //  Belt: Brooks Brothers

Business Dress

Navy Hopsack Jacket Business Dress Outfit

Jacket: Brooks Brothers  //  Grey trousers: Todd Snyder

Shirt: Hickey Freeman  //  Tie: The Tie Bar

Shoes: Allen Edmonds  //  Socks: Pantherella  //  Belt: Brooks Brothers