Twillory Friday Shirt Review

Twillory Friday Shirt Review

Recently, Twillory was kind enough to send me a new shirt to review. It’s their new Friday shirt, and to be honest when I first received it, I was not quite sure what to make of it. I’ll get into this in more detail below, but I would quickly describe the Friday shirt as an hybrid of a dress shirt and a long sleeve polo shirt.

As some of you probably know, I’m a big fan of what Twillory is doing, and I jumped on board their bandwagon early. They make some of my favorite shirts. Additionally, I think Twillory is one of the best values in dress shirts for the money. The cuts are spot on, Twillory uses real mother-of-pearl buttons (except for the non-irons), and the shirts have a soft spread collar that frames almost any face. I would prefer if the collars were slightly bigger, but that’s really just nitpicking at this point. Then this Friday shirt showed up.

What is it?

Twillory Friday Shirt with Collar Stays

As I said above, Twillory’s Friday shirt is something like a cross between a dress shirt and a polo. The collar uses collar stays (I happen to love Twillory’s collar stays, by the way). The buttons are all mother-of-pearl, like their dress shirts. The shirts also sport a traditional placket and button cuffs. However, the material is a breathable, cotton mesh akin to that of some of my favorite polos. I’ll be honest, I didn’t quite know what to do with this shirt, so it hung in my closet for a week or two. Then I tried it on.

My Verdict

I liked this shirt much, much more than I thought I would. The Friday shirt is a perfect summer shirt. It’s light and airy, but still retains a level of sharpness that a t-shirt or polo shirt cannot convey. Roll the sleeves for warmer days and leave them buttoned on the cooler ones. The beauty of this shirt is that I feel as comfortable wearing it with chinos and sneakers as I do with a sport coat and trousers. This shirt wears like a linen shirt and should be styled as such.

How to Style it


Twillory Friday Shirt Weekend Look

Shirt: Twillory  //  Chinos: Bonobos  //  Sneakers: J. Crew

Belt : J. Crew  //  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Book: John LeCarré   //  Fragrance: Creed


Twillory Friday Shirt Weekday Look

Shirt: Twillory  //  Chinos: T. M Lewin  //  Jacket: T. M. Lewin

Tie: Twillory  //  Belt: Bonobos  //  Shoes: To Boot New York

Briefcase: Shinola  //  Fragrance: Floris JF